Sunday, August 27, 2006

Where Is Blogger Beta??

It's probably quite sad, but I am desperately waiting to be allowed to move my blogs to Blogger Beta. No, that's not the sad bit. The sad bit is that I am waiting so impatiently not because of all the snazzy upgrades that it will undoubtedly offer, but because it will allow me to do something that every other blogging service seems to already allow: Categorise my posts.

It probably won't make much difference to this blog, since it is a bit random and scatty. Maybe I'll sort it into Diary and Humour aspects or something, but I can't see it being major. On the other hand, I crave the ability to label my Unified View posts, as much for myself as for readers. I will probably have labels along the lines of Abortion, Animal Rights, Nature of Ethics etc, since those seem to be the main issues I deal with at the moment.

I realise that caring enough to post about this may seem odd. Still, this is after all a place for random thoughts.


Abi has been allowed to upgrade to Beta. I am quite jealous! :-p


Abi said...

Aww, bless the poor little Peteling!

Abi said...

I see you finally have Beta - enjoy it :P