Saturday, September 03, 2005

Temporary Work

Well, I didn't guarantee the satire would be brilliant, did I? Meh, if people liked it, feel free to comment. In fact, always feel free to comment.

Just wanted to put down my thoughts about the jobs I have done so far. It is not an incredible list. I have been unable to find proper jobs, and prefer flexibility anyway. Therefore, I do temp work. I've just finished it for this Summer, so here is my CV so far:

Last Summer:
Helped a cartographer map out levels in an old car park - 1 day.
Making / sorting packaging for computer games - 1 day.
Washed up and served in a company canteen - 4 days.

This Summer:
Picked out bad eggs and packed boxes at egg factory - 3 days.
Removed labels from plastic safety devices - 4 days.

So what's to learn from this? Well, firstly, that manual labour can be the pits. The absolute worst was the packaging computer games. Like a fool, I heard "You will be working with computer games" and thought "Ooh, I like them! It'll be fun!" Rookie mistake. After that, it was the egg factory. The stress of preventing the conveyor belts from building up a backlog, spewing eggs all over the floor was actually pretty acute.

But do you know the big difference which made these bad and made the de-labelling reasonably pleasant? In the latter I got a chair. I got to sit down rather than stand up all day. That's definitely worth something. Sitting down to work is wonderful. It gives me another reason to get my degree and get lawyering. Yes I'll be standing up in court, but for a lot of the time I'll be *sitting at my desk*! Excellent!

The other thing that caught my imagination was the job title I got for this latest job. Labelling Assistant. Hmm. Got me wondering whether it would look good on my actual CV. I mean, think about it. I get to put on my CV "Temporary Work:" and then describe the jobs I did. Nice titles like that aren't such a bad way to go. So, let's think about the others, shall we?

Temporary Work:
Cartographer's Assistant [Nice and simple.]
Packing Assistant
Kitchen Assistant
Quality Control Assistant [Bling! Just for removing bad eggs...]
Labelling Assistant

You see? Of course I'm an assistant in each, since it's temp work, but it looks much better than the original list I made, doesn't it? That's using your head...


tonyyy said...
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crazy/evil/chocoholic/crazy-girl said...

lol - i guess my cafe / shop work is a lil easier as although we are standing up all day - we get to move around a fair amount. that reason is also why i always buy lunch before i start work so i dont actually have to go outside or stand up for longer than i have to:P - of course it means i dont actually see the sky for a whole day - the only way we can tell what the weather is is if customers come in with snow on them! :P

Bill said...
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Dav said...

Awwww - your first 3 comments and 2 have to be deleted?? Coupled with the almost desperate plea for feedback in your first line I now feel obligated to comment! ;) (Not that I cudda kept my mouth shut otherwise because we would both know I was lying if I tried to argue that one to the contrary).

If the idea of sitting at a desk in your future law career turns you on seems you might be very nicely cut out for civil cases (specialising in corporate contract law or something) where litigation is king and you probably won't see the inside of a courtroom for your first 10 years!

Then again...I can somehow see you then trying to do some of your work as you lean across your desk from a standing position as you feel your work contains too much sitting down. The lesson of this rather poor little anecdote? I have no idea! I suppose I could bullcrap you a bit and bring it all back to a "grass is always greener" sentiment which makes me sound at least slightly wise and profound, but honestly it just filled up a few lines on the page and I wanted this to look like a substantial post.

Although I would not trade my summer job working with kids at the leisure centre for all the tea in china (I know I'm actually a coffee drinker and I don't really drink tea all that often...but think of the financial benefits of being offered all the tea in china! It's certainly not something to sniff at - and it sounds better than "all the coffee beans in the Indonesian Independent State of Papau New Guinea/Ecuador/[insert any other large coffee producing region in the world]" or whatever) but going along the "grass is always greener" theme I am now claiming for this post (I'm not sure if the previous comment on the matter made it clear enough that I [i]do[/i] choose to pretend to be wise profound even if it is not the to clarify: [blag] I am going with a grass is always greener on the other side moral to this comment [/blag] - teehee no one will ever guess I don't really mean it - fools!! err....anyway), I suppose at least you don't end up injuring your neck and taking a weeks very painful (and expensive) sick leave! Simple may be tedious but its usually safer!! Trampolines may sound like a fun thing to work with but they sure can have a downside (having said that a job sifting bad eggs WHILST bouncing almost sounds like a job worth taking regardless of risks - shame there doesn't appear to be demand for such labour in current times).

Well I have departed enough knowledge (read: filled up enough of this white box with crap to make it look like a long and thoughtful comment) for now so I shall say "cheerio Pete" (or should I now call you "peje"??).

Cheers dude - lovin' the blog!


PS - DAMN YOU for not allowing anonymous comments on your blog - I had to sign up with this stupid service after writing this JUST to post the the thing I spent 20mins on. Grrrrrrrrrrr!!

Dav said...

Oh and the timing is way off on this thing?? This should be 3.34am not 7.34!!


Pejar said...

I've made a couple of adjustments in the menu to prevent spam comments like the ones I deleted and allow anyone to comment without registering.

Cheers for commenting guys. And Dav, you do like your monster posts, don't you? :-P

Abi said...

If Dav writes that much in comments inagine what he would do with an actual blog...

Tis a good list of places to work at - I like the idea of (I think it is) Ben and Jerry's where you can make up your own job title!