Monday, October 24, 2005

Intellectual Honesty: Lord Denning

(With apologies to my non-lawyer friends)

If Lord Denning had any intellectual honesty:

Scene: The Court of Appeal

Judge: ...And for those reasons this action must fail. I dismiss the appeal of Lord Denning.

Denning's Lawyer: What?! You can't be serious!

Judge: [Annoyed] And for that display of bad faith, I order him to pay costs to the court.

Denning's Lawyer: But what you said doesn't bear any relation to the established law!

Denning: [Impressed] No no, fair's fair. After all, he mentioned equity a bunch of times *and* he told a nicely obscure story to go with it!

Denning's Lawyer: [Shaking his head] Oh well, at least there's always the House of Lords...

Denning: [Baffled] The Lords? Why would we want to pay any heed to them?