Sunday, October 16, 2005

Intellectual Honesty: Tony Blair

If Tony Blair had any intellectual honesty:

Scene: Downing Street

[Blair is walking up to the door to Number 10 when the police walk up to him]

Police Officer: I'm sorry sir, if you'd like to come with us...

Blair: There must be some kind of terrible mistake. I'm the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom!

[Author's note: That does indeed prove that there has been a terrible mistake, but not like he is thinking!]

P.O.: No sir, I have a warrant here to detain you under the Terrorism Act.

Blair: Detain me? Why? For how long?

P.O.: Um sir, you should well know that I am not required to give any explanation for your detention. [Looks at warrant] And according to this, I am to hold you for the full three months if possible.

Blair: The full three months! [Sighs] Well, I suppose it is for the security of the nation. [Holds up hands for handcuffs] Alright, let's get going.

P.O.: Very good, sir.

Blair: Will I be allowed to see my wife?

P.O.: Probably not, I'm afraid.

Blair: But what about in her capacity as a lawyer?

P.O.: [Laughs] Mr Blair, you did help draft the Act, remember! Now come on...

Blair: Oh well, I suppose. Oh dear, I wonder who will run the country while I'm away... [A moment's pause, then his eyes widen] Wait a minute, who signed that warrant?!

Scene: Press Conference at Number 10

Reporter: Mr Brown, while you seem to be settling into your new role comfortably, the public is still desperate to know - just where is Mr Blair?

Brown: [Pause, then a hint of a smile] Oh, I couldn't possibly say...

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